Protect your land

A conservation easement can create a lasting legacy.

The most important part of our mission is simple: protect land for future generations. The primary way we do this is through an agreement called a conservation easement.

Why choose a conservation easement?

Permanent land preservation

Income tax deductions now*

Less estate tax for your heirs*

*We can’t guarantee that every easement will reduce taxes for you or your heirs. Consult your own attorney and tax advisor to determine whether your easement will yield tax benefits.

A conservation easement is a custom-crafted legal partnership between a landowner (you) and a nonprofit land trust (us). This partnership is unique to you and your property and takes into account all the features that make it valuable. You’re involved at every step of the drafting process, and you choose the restrictions you want to impose on how the land is used in the future.

The agreement you draft will be forever attached to the land, protecting it in perpetuity. Foothills Land Conservancy then monitors the land annually to ensure it’s being managed as directed.

If you’re interested in what a conservation easement might look like for your property, get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through the process.

Download our guide to conservation easements

Non-permanent protections

We also offer other ways to protect your land that don’t involve a permanent legal agreement—a mutual land-use covenant, deed restrictions, and registry programs are options that may fit your needs.

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